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Getting fit in 2-weeks may seem like an impossibility.  However, rest assured that with a little help from the team at Vital Health and Wellbeing, you will feel confident and look great in your festive party outfits.  Whilst there is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle (that includes plenty of regular physical activity, a nutritious and well-balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole carbohydrates, as well as at least 7 hours of sleep each night), it is possible to boost your workouts so you see improved results in just 2-weeks.

So with Christmas parties, social get-togethers and looking great at the top of your list, let’s take a closer look at your 2-week festive fitness schedule:

1. Cardiovascular exercise.  High intensity interval training, or HIIT as it is otherwise known, is absolutely brilliant for burning fat and high numbers of calories, as well as building muscle and improving your aerobic capacity.  HIIT classes / workouts are short in duration and normally last in the region of just 30-minutes.  However, don’t be fooled!  The combination of a really powerful and concentrated workout, which encompasses a cycle of high intensity bursts of speed, combined with slow recovery phases, is actually far more effective than a longer workout of average intensity.  Your fitness is based on the rate at which you recover, so HIIT workouts are ideal due to the rapid exercise / recovery sequences.  You can either join a HIIT-style fitness class, or you can do your own HIIT workout in the gym using the treadmill, bike, cross-trainer or rowing machine.  And remember, our personal trainers are on hand to help you.

2. Resistance exercise.  It is a fact that muscle looks slimmer than fat.  So if you want to lose weight and appear slimmer and more streamlined, then toning up your muscles is essential and a great way to achieve results.  Some of the best resistance exercises for your legs include squats and lunges.  Start with traditional squats and lunges, and then once you have the hang of them try a few variations, such as a walking lunge, side lunge, goblet squat and split squat.  Add in hand weights for extra resistance and balance.  The plank, the bridge and abdominal crunches are superb for targeting your core muscles.  And bench presses, push ups, push downs and dumbbell curls will all help to tighten your arm muscles.

3. Aim to exercise at least 4 to 5 times each week.  You do need to allow your body to have a rest day or two, but that doesn’t mean you need to be sedentary.  Go for a good power walk or head for a swim and a session in the sauna or steam room to loosen your muscles and boost your immune system.

4. And finally, remember to eat, drink and sleep well.  If you can’t exclude caffeine, alcohol, sugar, saturated fat and salt then at least ensure you limit it as much as possible.  These are all toxins and empty calories which your body will store as fat.  Eat three healthy and nutritious meals every day, with a morning and afternoon snack of fruit, plain yoghurt or nuts.  Stay hydrated by drinking at least 2-litres of water each day.  Your body can confuse even mild dehydration with hunger, which means you are more likely to snack on the wrong foods.  And be kind to your body by letting it get the sleep and rest it needs.

Good things come to those who exercise…

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