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New Year resolutions are a great idea at the time and it is extremely easy to make a whole raft of them. However, sticking to your New Year resolutions and making them happen are two completely different challenges!

Regardless of whether you are already a committed fitness fan, or you are new to the world of wellbeing and exercise, knowing how to help your body recover from the festive excesses is really important. Taking a little time to think about what you want to do and also what you want to achieve will elicit better results from your hard work and efforts in the gym. That is why the team at your Vital Health and Wellbeing Club is here to help you with a few top tips on preparing for your New Year health kick.

Let’s take a closer look:

1. It is a proven fact that making a smaller, more achievable, New Year resolution will mean your chances of sticking to it and making it happen are far greater. Aim for specific goals that you can measure and pitch against a time frame. For example, “I want to lose 4 pounds in 4 weeks”. That is easily achievable and you can monitor your progress, too, which means you are more likely to succeed.

Also, don’t be swayed or influenced by other people, celebrities or role models. Remember, this is your New Year resolution, your body and your health kick. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. So be your own person, make a plan, and focus on what you want to achieve.

Regularly remind yourself of the benefits you will enjoy if you stick to, and achieve, your resolution. Try keeping a checklist of the positive life changes associated with your New Year resolution. Note your progress in a diary as it makes everything seem so much more real. And don’t give yourself a hard time if you have the occasional day of relapse; you can’t be perfect all the time. However, just remember to get back on course as quickly as possible.

2. New Year resolutions are very personal. However, for many people the most common ones include:

Losing weight
Portion control is paramount here. So fill up on low calorie foods that are high in dietary fibre, such as vegetables, pulses, legumes and wholegrain carbohydrates. And be mindful of foods which contain hidden sugars, salt and fat.

Eating a healthier diet
It’s easy to get your 5-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables. Add a banana and glass of apple juice to your breakfast, chop up a salad or make some soup for lunch, and then add a couple of portions of steamed vegetables to your dinner. Plus, a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack of a piece of fruit or some carrot sticks and houmous means you’ll exceed the recommended 5 portions.

Giving up smoking
There is a lot of support out there if you are serious about giving up smoking. You don’t need to do it alone, so why not make it your New Year resolution to see your GP for advice on getting started.

Doing more exercise
With a Vital Health and Wellbeing Club membership, getting fit and active has never been easier. Our personal trainers are on hand to support you, and our fitness facilities are second to none. Set yourself achievable goals and you are far more likely to succeed.

Drinking less alcohol
You don’t need to give up alcohol altogether; however, aim to have 2 or 3 alcohol free days at home every week. Why not limit yourself to one glass of wine with dinner and keep a close eye on units. And suggest to friends you all enjoy an alcohol-free night out together. Mocktails (alcohol-free cocktails) make it easier than you think.

Good things come to those who exercise…

From exercise and nutrition, to relaxation and beauty, membership of your Vital Health and Wellbeing Club offers a complete lifestyle change. That’s why we’re offering all new and existing members an array of incentives to get fit, stay fit, and encourage family and friends to join in the fun too.

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