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Exercise is amazing for your body, mind, health and wellbeing.  However, it is important that you exercise correctly and do the right sort of activity to suit your body.

Running is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise.  This means it gets your heart pumping harder.  However, there are often reports which state that it is not so good for your body – especially your joints – and that we should run with caution.  Many of these reports state that power walking is in fact better for your body than running.  So with this in mind, we thought it was time to take a closer look at whether power walking is better for you than running.

  1. Power walking and running are equal when it comes to being great forms of aerobic exercise – this means they act as cardiovascular work and ensure your heart gets pumping, hard.  Aerobic exercise boosts your circulation which can help to lower the risk of suffering from heart disease, as well as lowering blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels and strengthening your heart.  Plus, as with all forms of exercise, power walking or running regularly could help to prevent certain cancers, stroke and type 2 diabetes.
  2. Power walking and running are equal when it comes to boosting your mood and making you feel happier.  Exercise in general releases endorphins – happy hormones.  Furthermore, the act of exercising helps to take you away from stressful situations which combats depression, stress and anxiety.
  3. Power walking and running are equal when it comes to burning calories and losing weight.  OK, admittedly you will burn a few more calories if you run.  However, power walking at a brisk pace will burn in the region of 100 to 120 calories per mile.  Add in hills or increase the speed and this will increase further.  And why not swing your arms when you power walk to help trim your waist.  Or hold some light hand weights to help tone your arms and midriff.
  4. Furthermore, power walking at a brisk pace or jogging for 30-minutes can help to boost your metabolism by stimulating your metabolic process as well as assisting in an improved function of other organs in your body.  A faster metabolism will help to support weight loss.
  5. Power walking and running are equal when it comes to muscle toning credentials.  Both will do impressive things for toning most of the muscles in your legs, buttocks and stomach.  It is important to remember that posture is key to a strong and well-toned core, so keep this in mind when walking or running.

So, where does power walking overtake running in the health and wellness statistics?

  1. Power walking is low impact and moderate in intensity, which means that it is ideal if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis.  Power walking is gentle on your joints; however, it can help to prevent the onset of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis when done daily.
  2. Power walking is said to help your body to digest food easier by increasing the rate at which food is moved through your stomach.  Supporting your digestive system is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and good health; however, it is also crucial if you are prone to suffering from IBS or other bowel problems.
  3. And finally, regular moderate exercise such as power walking is proven to help improve the length and quality of your sleep.  As power walking is classed as a moderate intensity form of exercise it doesn’t get adrenalin levels pumping, which can often hinder your ability to sleep.  But it just helps your body to relax and your mind to switch off, which is essential for inducing good quality sleep.

Actions speak louder than words

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