August Newsletter

If you have been thinking of starting your Summer fitness regime then look no further, the team at your local Vital health & wellbeing club are on hand to help get you to your summer fitness goals. There is no better incentive for a healthy lifestyle than sunshine and the promise of summer holidays to get you motivated. Furthermore, as a member of the club you’ll enjoy a whole host of tempting offers and discounts on accommodation, food and beverages, and family offers. Just ask at reception for further details.

Six week memberships are now available

Why not bring your friends and family with you over the summer with our six week membership?

Exercise of the Month

Exercise of the Month

Ab Crunches

It’s important to do stomach crunches properly if you want great abs and to protect your lower back at the same time. Abdominal crunches are simple to perform, just remember that a crunch is not a full sit up.

Macdonald Nutrition


Why eating strawberries is a must for good health

Strawberries not only taste divine, but they are absolutely packed with an array of essential vitamins, minerals, nutrition and goodness too.

Membership benefits

Your personalised assessment and fitness plan will ensure you achieve your goals, regardless of whether you want to lose weight, tone up, feel fit or simply look great. We have full state of the art facilities and friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Leisure Offer

10% off Food & Beverage

Accommodation Offer

10% off best available online rates

Spa Offer

20% off Spa Treatments