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At Vital Health and Wellbeing, we know that if you’re thinking about committing to get fit, then there’s no better time than spring to start feeling truly great about your body.  With summer just around the corner, your incentive to get ‘beach ready’ is set.  And thanks Vital Health and Wellbeing, you too have everything you could ever need at your fingertips for the ultimate in spring fitness.

Let’s take a look at why spring is the perfect time to get in training:

1. For a start, it’s around this time of year that the sun starts to make an appearance and nights become lighter for longer.  We all feel happier, upbeat and far more uplifted when there’s more daylight and, as a result, our motivation levels are given a bit of a boost.  So why not channel this newfound enthusiasm and zest for life, and put it to good use by joining the Vital Health and Wellbeing Training programme.

2. The longer days and lighter nights mean that it’s actually physically possible to do more!  Not only are we all understandably tempted to hibernate when it’s cold, dark and wet outside, but it’s also not particularly wise exercising outdoors when you can’t see what you’re doing.  You’ll benefit from group fitness sessions with an experienced instructor who will guide you to your fitness goals – in safety!

3. There’s no better time than the spring to give your health a bit of an overhaul.

4. Whilst you’re thinking of spring checks, why not give your workout wardrobe a spring clean.  Out with the baggy joggers and cosy tops, and in with brand new super-supportive trainers, as well as lycra running pants and sweat-absorbing vests.

5. It’s time to give your playlist an overhaul ready for your new, inspired and fast-paced spring workouts.  Thanks to recent research, it’s a proven fact that listening to the right sort of music – upbeat with a quick tempo – really helps to improve both your workout performance as well as your endurance levels.